Thick As A Brick Tour-2012

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(excerpt from Thick As A Brick )

Record to be performed in its entirety.

Fans of 1972’s Thick as a Brick will rejoice as the band just announced the cult classic will be performed in its entirety during its 2012 tour of the UK and America.

I guess this is a follow up to 2011’s tour showcasing Aqualung (40th anniversary) where all its songs were played among others.  I didn’t catch this show, since I was out of the country at the time, but I must say I’m curious to see how they will pull this off. At 64 yrs. old, Ian still brings it, with a total of 83 Tull, solo, and orchestral shows scheduled to be performed in 2011.  Let’s hope he saves some energy for 2012!

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  1. Would be interesting who the touring band will be and if they include a string section?

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