Is that a Mandolin?


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(from Stand Up)

Ian Anderson playing his invention, the Claghorn

Ian Anderson on the Claghorn ..”a primitive bamboo flute to which I’d taped a saxophone mouthpiece and an old bicycle was an attempt to to come out with something that sounded really nasty, really strident and horrid. And it did!…This was one of these great things that were suddenly produced from a carrier bag on stage”.

The Claghorn notwithstanding, the unique sound of Tull comes from among other things,  its choice of instruments. Besides the usual guitar, drums, keyboards and bass,  the mandolin family of instruments features prominently in the bands work.  Inclusion of  the British Iles originated Bouzouki, Mandola, Mandolin, etc.,  testifies both to the bands roots, and the high skill level of the players. Image below courtesy of

Mandolin Family of Instruments


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