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(from Thick As A Brick 2)
Yes, I was skeptical too: A “sequel” to an iconic Tull record from 1972, and An Ian Anderson solo record? Well, I’m here to tell you, TAAB2 is an unqualified success. Written and Produced by Mr. Anderson, the 17 thematically cohesive tracks revolve around the theme “What-ifs, Maybes And Might-have-beens”, ways life could have turned out differently for each of us. Familiar ground is covered: social commentary with “Banker Bets, Banker Wins”, a riff on those less fortunate with “Adrift and Dumfounded”, and a knock on organized religion with “Give Till it Hurts”. Even so, Anderson, with his accomplished band, pull off a very listenable package. Some may quibble with the way Anderson holds our hand by offering voice only bits to move the story, and some arrangements that sound a bit like guitar and flute scales, but none the less, the songs are catchy and the lyrics provocative. I also found fascinating the DVD in which we see the famously meticulous Anderson directing his bandmates in their recording sessions. One wonders how hard it was for him to appear “normal” for the camera. All in all, for a fan starved for something new for over a decade, the result is quite satisfying indeed.

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  1. This album was as good as you said it was. Thanks!

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