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(Jack in the Green from Songs from the Wood)


As fan sites go, this one isn’t so different, however, when one follows a band as long as the author has, and indeed, as many fans throughout the globe have, one more site featuring information, opinions, and shared stories cannot help but offer another pleasing diversion.

So, if you choose to read my posts, reply as you wish, and we’ll all take it from there. Sly humor, innuendo, obscure Tull references, and all manner of Tullisms, are encouraged.  To  comment, just sign-in at right to begin.

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About the Blogger


Jason Roberts has attended over 20 live shows of Jethro Tull over the years. He first got turned on to Tull by his college roommate, Dan Cisco back at Cal State Stanislaus in 1975.  At his first Tull show (“Songs From The Wood” tour, Oakland Coliseum), he was impressed with the theatrical nature of the performance, the kilts, Ian’s red bowler,and the unique acoustic/electric sets. Soon thereafter, Jason took up playing the flute, actually taking lessons and introducing his instructor to Tull via “Thick As A Brick” (she said she liked it).  In 1980, he hitch hiked across New Zealand with his buddy Bob Chase (photographer/piano player), playing his flute to anyone who would listen.  Since then, listening to Ian and the boys always brings back great memories, and the songs remain essential listening. He lives in Northern California, and patiently awaits the next Jethro Tull studio album release.


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(Back to the Family from Stand Up)

My telephone wakes me in the morning —
have to get up to answer the call.
So I think I’ll go back to the family
where no one can ring me at all.
Living this life has its problems
so I think that I’ll give it a break.
Oh, I’m going back to the family
`cos I’ve had about all I can take.

Master’s in the counting house
counting all his money.
Sister’s sitting by the mirror —
she thinks her hair looks funny.
And here am I thinking to myself
just wond’ring what there is to do.

I think I enjoyed all my problems
Where I did not get nothing for free.
Oh, I’m going back to the family —
doing nothing is bothering me.
I’ll get a train back to the city
that soft life is getting me down.
There’s more fun away from the family
get some action when I pull into town.

Everything I do is wrong,
what the hell was I thinking?
Phone keeps ringing all day long
I got no time for thinking.
And every day has the same old way
of giving me too much to do.